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Is escort profession legal or illegal

The biggest debatable topic among the people is that whether the escorting is legal or illegal. However, some people justify their reason of considering it as illegal by stating that in most of the culture and country it is not acceptable. However, in some countries it has been permitted by the government. However, in some cities of India, it has got permission. There are some aspects that one should consider to stay safe foam the legal worries.

Simply, if you are indulged in human trafficking or forcibly making the girls to do escorting, it is totally illegal and punishable. Moreover, if you are providing escort services with the teenage girls who are not mature or adult, it is illegal. Apart from these factors escorting is a legal activity.
The main reason we can explain you that why prostitution has been made illegal according to Law because it is the profession or activity that is not appreciated in the society and Indian Culture because the culture of the society has got a great impact while making the law of any particular country. So most of the religions and cultures celebrated and believed does not allow and support the prostitution related jobs and activities.
It has been found that still in few of the states escort profession has been stated as a crime and even fined according to the rules against it and in some countries it has been accepted and made legal by following some criteria too. Hence to clear out this confusion about the rules and regulation as well as to know the ideas of staying out legal from this profession, we can take help of the lawyers. But make sure that you hire or consult with the reputed lawyer who must have years of experience in law domain. This way you can carry out your escort profession.